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Bird Pie

Bird Pie

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Why is this blog called “Sappho’s Sweets”?

A lyric poet who lived, wrote, sang, and played the lyre 2,600 years ago may seem like an unlikely avatar for a 21st-century food blog.  After all, as a member of the elite in a slave society, Sappho probably never cooked any of her own food.


But her poetry speaks beautifully of nature and its fruits, of the rigors of craft, and of the pleasures of communal celebration.  She’s said to be a lover and teacher of women, and in all those elements, we can see a kinship with food preparation and enjoyment over the centuries.  She was also married, had a beloved daughter, and was at one point exiled from her home island for her political activity.  A woman of many aspects!  So I’ve chosen this somewhat mysterious, somewhat scandalous figure from the ancient Mediterranean world as the guiding spirit of my blog.  Plus, her name alliterates with “sweets”!